- Coffee, Coffee and Coffee

- Coffee, Coffee and Coffee

- Coffee, Coffee and Coffee- Coffee, Coffee and Coffee



Our Values

Normcore Coffee offers various coffee products produced by very careful selection of the green coffee, craft roasting technique and its own strict quality control process. Normcore Coffee tailors individual customers’ needs and wants through professional knowledge, experience, and network.


Company Introduction

Normcore Coffee is a coffee specialised company established in 2016 by very well-known award-winning and champion baristas, Nathan and Chanho. Normcore Coffee is in pursuit of good ‘coffee’ that can be a part of life of its consumers hence sharing a new paradigm of lifestyle through Normcore products.  As an industry leading responsible company, our mission is to achieve sustainability, efficiency, and innovation through the business hence growing altogether, contributing our society and letting the lifestyle of consumers prosper.



Coffee, Coffee, and Coffee

We are ‘Coffee’ professionals who have a passion for ‘Coffee’, and we aim to serve you only damn good ‘Coffee'. With Normcore Coffee, you will not only be given coffees, but also a tailored total solution for the business which helps grow together.