Background Story

The Black Forest Blend is designed to deliver a clean but very sweet & rich impressions through its flavours and texture. Not like other blends, we sourced some different origins for this blend - Costa Rica, Kenya and Papua New Guinea in order to offer you a totally different style of milk coffee. 


How this coffee is roasted

To express the Black Forest-like characteristics, this coffee is roasted medium dark (between the DG and CS blend). This allows a perfect cup when it's with milk.


Basic Information

  • Origin: Costa Rica washed + Kenya washed + PNG washed
  • Best Ageing Window: 16-23 days
  • Best as: Milk Coffee


How to brew this coffee

  • Espresso: 20g dose, 35g beverage yield, 23s extraction time
  • Flavour Profile: Cherry, plum, dark chocolate
  • Milk: 22g dose, 40g beverage yield, 32s extraction time, 150g milk
  • Flavour Profile: Milk chocolate, black forest cake
  • Pourover Filter: 20g dose, 60g water + 30s blooming, 1m 40 s extraction time, total 280g water
  • Brewing Method: Chanho-Tornado (Click here to see details of the brewing method)
  • Flavour Profile: Dark chocolate, cherry, plum, brown sugar


Flavour Spectrum