Atmosphere and Coffee

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Atmosphere and Coffee

When we drink coffee, there are some elements affecting our taste. According to Wang and Spence(2015), what is surrounding us such as colour, music, and lighting affects our taste and preference. So, in this article, how we control our atmosphere is covered.



There are a number of researches about the correlation between background music(noise) and taste. What I have found from our stores actually proves the research results. For example, in the morning, we normally play some jazz such as Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Keith Jarrett, Fourplay, etc. And in the afternoon, something more groovy music is played. This is because people are normally tired in the morning and don’t really want to force wake up. So, we give them a more smooth, quiet, light mood so that they can slowly wake up with the damn good coffee. And in the afternoon, we make a little more energetic mood so that people can refresh themselves with our coffee.



There are not many things we can touch on lighting because this is normally done when the shop is built. However, at least some lights can be adjusted the angle and this could change the mood a bit.



This is important. The temperature should always be nice and comfortable so that people can enjoy their coffee with a pleasant. Especially when it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter, temperature control is necessary.



As many researchers say, colour affects our taste a lot. It could be a colour of cup, table, interior, branding colour, etc. When it comes to a black coffee like espresso or filter, it could be better if we serve coffees in different coloured cups to match the flavour profile. Simply, this enhances the experience of the coffee instantly.


One more thing……

When we design the atmosphere, what we should consider first is our customers. Do whatever they would like is the most important thing.

If you drink coffee at home, please try to make your atmosphere better then you will enjoy it more. 

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