Find the right age of your coffee

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Find the right age of your coffee


We often see people who love to brew super fresh coffees. Well.... I wouldn't say that this is wrong as there are also coffees that are tasty when it's fresh. However, in most cases, it's better to age the beans at least a few days after the roast.


In general, people say that coffee should be consumed within 2-3 weeks.

Interestingly, there are very few people saying the coffees need to be aged for a few days. Moreover, there's nothing that can make coffee go off. Literally, it's totally fine to brew and drink coffee that is a year old or even longer (the taste might be not okay though). But for the coffees that are fresh, like 2-3 days after the roast, it might not be great to start using it. Let me explain this.


When roasting, due to reactions on the coffee bean, CO2 is generated inside the bean. What we see as bubbles when blooming, that's what happens when CO2 escapes from the inside the coffee out. If the CO2 affects the only positive way to the taste, it would be totally fine. However, it makes extraction to be disrupted and be unstable hence the taste of the coffee becomes worse than it supposed to be.


In pourover filter coffee, CO2 makes the texture of the coffee not-smooth and silky. Also as it disturbs the extraction, it makes worse quality flavours such as flat, muted, and/or not clear. In espresso, it's the same, and also increases the amount of crema hence negatively affects the texture and the flavour.


So, what we recommend for our coffees is to age 10-14 days after the roast for single origins and 7-10 days after the roast for the Damn Good blend and the Cornerstone blend.

The single origins are recommended to use until 3 weeks ideally and 6 weeks the maximum, and the Damn Good blend and the Cornerstone blend are recommended to use until 3.5 weeks ideally and 4.5 weeks the maximum.


You will see a better result if your coffee reach to the right age.


Enjoy your coffee!

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