Flavour Spectrum Chart

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As you may know, we have recently updated our coffee information pages with a brand new diagram called Flavour Spectrum Chart. This chart is made for you to easily recognise and understand how coffee is roasted and what it tastes like so that it helps to choose the bean when purchasing.Here is an explanation.
  1. Name: At this section, the name of coffee is shown. For single origins, processing method, variety, and farm name are also written.
  2. Roasting Degree: From light roasting to dark profile, this indicates how light/dark the coffee is roasted. This gives a brief idea how the taste balance of the coffee will like.
  3. Intensity: This indicates the overall intensity of the coffee whether it mild or strong.
  4. Flavour Note: It represents the major flavour notes of the coffee by colour and name. This visualises the flavour you will experience from the coffee which helps you imagine before you buy it.
With the information provided from the chart, you could have an expectation of how the coffee will be like, also how you will be going to brew the coffee.



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