How we approach to brewing new coffee

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 How we approach to brewing new coffee


It has often been asked how we should approach to brewing a new coffee bean. In general, I always recommend that having your own standard brewing method is great as a starting point. But you don't need to worry that you have no standard way of brewing. So, let me explain how we approach it.


Roasting type/Colour

First of all, looking at the roasting type and its colour is a good step to start with. Many roasters describe their coffee as filter roast, light roast, medium roast, espresso roast, etc. When you look at the type of roast, you will have a basic understanding of what it will be like. And for its colour, the lighter the colour of the bean is, the brighter the acidity you taste and the more delicate the body and structure of the flavour is. And the darker the bean is, the heavier and bigger body, also the sweeter(unless the coffee is dark roasted) cup.

So what you need to do is to understand your bean first, then guess what it will taste like in your cup.


Flavour profile

The second step is to look at the flavour profile that the roaster provided. It won't be the same for all of the brews. However, it just illustrates brief characteristics of the coffee hence you know what flavour you will need to focus on when brewing.


Brewing method

Once you understand the roasting type, know the colour and the flavour profile, the next step is the brewing method. It could be just any method, however, to begin with, it is recommendable to grind finer when brewing a lightly roasted coffee, and to grind coarser when brewing a medium or dark roasted coffee. This is because the grinding size affects the tone of the acidity, which, therefore, applying different grinding size according to the information you have earned from roasting type, colour, and flavour profile. No matter it is the Chanho-tornado brewing method, 4:6 method, Aeropress method, even Kalita wave, this applies the same to every method.

Trying different beans not only means you try different coffee but also it means you have more, various experience which makes your life a little more prosper. So, try something you haven't tried this weekend.

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