How We Quality Control Our Coffees

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Quality Control(QC) is one of the most important actions that should be done in the middle of production. And this is an activity that we take very seriously. This is because QC is a crucial process for a consistent production. In this article, how we do QC is going to be explained.

What do we do for QC

First of all, the quality control in coffee is done in many different sectors in the coffee producing and supplying chain. For example, farmers do QC to test their productions, exporters and importers do it too. When this comes to a roaster, QC is not only for green bean but also to control consistency and quality of the production. There are many ways for QC. For example, many roasters and baristas do 'cupping' to check what kind of flavour profile the coffee has and to design how it should be roasted and expressed. Also, there is another important step which is 'final product test'. The final product test is to examine the roasted coffee with a proper extraction method that the coffee is roasted for. For example, if the coffee is roasted for espresso, testing the bean as an espresso with various extraction style. And if the coffee is roasted for milk-based coffee, the coffee is tested as a milk coffee. This is to check if the production(roasted coffee) expresses what it supposed to be. Along with the final product test, batch consistency test is done to check every single batch is produced within the highly strict acceptable range.

So, how do we QC? 

When getting the green coffee beans, we do sample test and decide what to buy. Then, when the green bean arrives at the roastery, we do sample roast in order to design the production roasting profile. Once we decide the production profile, then we start roasting it. After it is roasted, we check its quality and flavour and compare with the samples log. Not only the flavour notes and score is kept but also its extraction measures(ig. total dissolved solid). For every single batch, we test it and record it to make sure the roasting production is consistent and damn good all the time.

For Damn Good Coffee 

So, for our consistently DAMN GOOD COFFEE, we keep testing and measuring all the relative data. By doing the quality control, we aim to consistently provide everyone the Damn Good Coffee whether it is blend, single origin or capsule coffee. This is our promise for you.



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