Nothing is wrong in coffee

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Nothing is wrong in coffee

It is not difficult to see people in the industry who believes commercial coffees such as commodity grade coffees and/or instant coffees are bad. In some extreme cases, they treat those people nothing which is not right (mostly, coffee industry people are smart and respect everyone). They think people who drink instant coffees or $1 coffee from convenience stores are not right.

Well, I would say, that 'not right' is not right. According to researches (Mordor Intelligence, Statista), almost 75% of Australian coffee market is instant coffees, capsules and coffee flavoured drinks, and only 25% is cafes and specialty coffee shops. This means, although we see a lot of cafes and specialty coffee shops around us, there are still 3 times more of people who drinks the 'not right' coffees. Not just on the consumers' side, but also the producing countries produce more of commodity grade coffees (although the rate of specialty grade coffee cultivation is significantly raising).

When it is treated like 'not right', it could be like that treating 3 quarter of the entire coffee chain including customers are 'not right'. That is why 'not right' is not right. Like there are a number of McDonalds' and KFCs, also fine dining places together, we, specialty coffee companies and commercials exist together in the same world. We all are equal and are respectful. Pourover filter coffee drinkers are equally respectful as vanilla latte drinkers, soy weak decaf mocha with 5 equals drinkers are same as specialty single origin espresso drinkers. The more important thing is whether we really respect others or not.

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