What makes your coffee really good

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There are so many people who brew and drink coffee at home. But unfortunately, not many of them are not enough to control everything they do hence no really good coffees although they use a great quality specialty coffee. So, we are going to look at some useful tips to instantly make your coffee really good.


Tip 1. Use freshly ground coffee 

It's a very important factor to make your coffee so much better. Aromatic compounds of coffee begin to escape from the beans as soon as they are ground. If you grind your bean a couple of days ago, it just makes so much aromas of the coffee be disappeared quickly so that less aromas and flavours are extracted in the cup. So, get a grinder (It is not necessary to get a really good one. Just a cheap one should be okay.) and grind the beans just before you brew.


Tip 2. Use a good water. 

Almost 98.5% of a cup of coffee is water. That's how much the water is important. If you use wrong water, your coffee will be awful and not be delicious. What's recommended is to use filtered water or bottled water that has lower water TDS and neutral pH level. To give you in details, having 30-100ppm of TDS and 6.5-7.5 pH would be good to go. If that's higher or lower, just don't use it.


Tip 3. Use a Damn Good Coffee

Yeah, this is the point. You should be using a really damn good coffee. It should be ethically sourced, sustainable, and should be traceable in terms of its information which differentiates from other low grade coffees. Not only the ethics behind the coffee are important but also the flavour of the coffee is essential. This is where we put our most efforts to keep the quality as great as possible, also to keep improve this. So, what you need to do is try to find your favourite flavour from your trustworthy local roaster.


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