How to find your favourite coffee by using the selecting guide

How to find your favourite coffee by using the selecting guide

There have always been a number of people who ask what we would recommend when they choose coffee beans to buy. Like others, we do have our preference, and we should have made suggestions by our personal taste. However, some might like bright acidic coffees, some might like fruity funky fermented coffees, and some might like dark roasted classical Italian coffees. There is no 'wrong' or 'right' as it is just a difference between people. Like I said before, coffee is just coffee, no one can actually judge by what they drink.

So, here we have a newly designed chart which is 'Coffee Selecting Guide'. This is made to help people easily find what kind of coffee they will potentially like.

As you can see from the chart above, it has 2 metrics which are flavour characteristics(vertical) and roasting degree(horizontal). By using those 2 criteria, you can find your favourite spot easily.


Coffee Selecting Guide Chard to help find favourite coffee

We have 3 different blend that are targeting different flavour characteristics. In the green box, there are the characteristics of the blend, flavour profile, and what method the blend is best suited.

As you can see, DG(Damn Good) Blend is the darkest and it brings the best milk coffee (like a flat white, latte, cappuccino, piccolo) with rich smooth heavy creamy texture along with the flavour profile of dark chocolate, vanilla malt shake as well as dried plum note.

The CS Blend(Cornerstone) is a medium roast coffee blend that is very smooth, sweet, and balanced. This is a kind of multi-purpose coffee that is suited for black coffees such as long black and espresso, and milk-based coffees such as flat white, latte, piccolo, cappuccino, etc.

The new blend - Highway Jammin'(HJ as abbreviated) - is a medium-light roasted coffee that is fruity, bright and juicy. As the blend is designed to express those fruity characteristics, it is best suited for black coffees such as short black and long black, and pourover filter coffee method.

So what you can do is, firstly, to decide whether you drink black coffee or milk-based coffee. Then, consider the flavour profile you want. In general, the lighter the coffee is roasted, the brighter the acidity.


Coffee Selecting Guide Chard to help find favourite coffee

For those who drink single origin coffees, it is a bit more complicated as there are so many different origins, processings, and varieties that will be expressed differently depending on the roasting style. But to make the decision easier, we have categorised those origins depending on the characteristics. And this is based on the coffees we have used.

Usually, African coffees have floral and fruity flavours. And the Geisha variety has the same fruity and floral note too. To enhance this characteristic, we roast them very lightly. The Honduran and Costa Rican coffees we use are usually very high grown hence nice vibrant acidity along with fruitiness. So, we roast them slightly more developed than the Africans and geishas. For the origins that have a chocolaty note as the main character such as Brazil and Guatemala, we still roast them in the light range but it is more developed than the others. This is because to enhance the chocolate note as the primary flavour. And the origins that have sweet and balanced and having some fruity notes such as El Salvador and Colombia, we roast them similarly. But we focus on expressing the balance as best we can.

Although there are many options in choosing the beans, here we have a brief guide for you to get help to find your favourite.

Hope you enjoy our Damn Good Coffee!