[Single] Nicaragua Las Marias Washed - SOLD OUT
[Single] Nicaragua Las Marias Washed - SOLD OUT
[Single] Nicaragua Las Marias Washed - SOLD OUT
[Single] Nicaragua Las Marias Washed - SOLD OUT

[Single] Nicaragua Las Marias Washed - SOLD OUT

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Nicaragua Las Marias

Tucked into the mountains of northern Nicaragua, in the Dipilto municipality of Nueva Segovia, you’ll find Finca Las Marias. Operated by Gabriela Hueck, the farm is a partnership between Gabriela, her husband Henry, and the Ponçon Güier family who have grown from friends into business partners. The natural resources of the area have translated to a good location for a coffee farm, with nutrient-rich sandy soil, elevations over 1,300 meters, and several native trees and leguminous plants which provide shade to the coffee crop.

Gabriela’s career in coffee began in 2004 when she became involved in the organization of the Ramacafe International Coffee Meeting. Here she met the event’s organizer, Henry Hueck. Henry would not only go on to become Gabriela’s husband, but would also be the person introducing her to the coffee industry from seed to cup. In 2005, they began to work together on the operations at Finca Las Marias.

Alongside a focus on high quality coffee, the farm is operated with an emphasis on social responsibility. Gabriela and her team have worked on housing rehabilitation, ensuring that the living facilities are comfortable, safe, and healthy. Basic provided services have been improved since they took over for both permanent and temporary personnel. Las Marias also employs women on a full-time basis, providing equal pay for everyone on staff.


Roaster's Thoughts

Some Nicaraguan coffee tends to have the same aroma and taste notes as other Central American coffee beans, with hints of chocolate and nutty flavors. As such, acidity in Nicaragua coffee leans toward citrus notes in its flavour and aroma. This coffee is super clean and sweet, simple but with a nice profile and well-balanced. A truly unique experience as high quality Nicaraguan coffees are mainly harvest between October to January.


How this coffee is roasted

This coffee is roasted lightly but developed a bit further to emphasise its clean and well-balanced cup.


Basic Information

  • Origin: Nicaragua

  • Region: Nueva Segovia

  • Farm: Finca Las Marias

  • Altitude: 1,300 masl

  • Variety: Lempira

  • Process: Washed

  • Best Ageing Window: 14-21 days

  • Best as: Espresso


How to brew this coffee

  • Espresso: 23g dose, 46g beverage yield, 28s extraction time

  • Flavour Profile: Red Apple, Cacao, Hazelnut

  • Milk: 24g dose, 46g beverage yield, 33s extraction time, 150g milk

  • Flavour Profile: Vanilla, Hazelnut

  • Pourover Filter: 15g dose, 45g water + 30s blooming, 2m 00s extraction time, total 225g water


  • Flavour Profile: Red Apple, Cacao, Hazelnut

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Refund & Delivery Policy

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