Background Story

Eduin is a young, ambitious, and modest coffee farmer. He is native to the Herrera community, a very isolated area in the Bilbao municipality of southern Tolima department. The area is one of the more impoverished areas of the country, due in part to its violent history and the habitual presence of insurgent and/or criminal armed groups for more than a generation and continuing even today. 

Though his farm consists of 1.5 hectares and does not possess some elements of basic farm infrastructure, such as a fermentation tank, he is determined to make the small amount of coffee he produces as good as possible. Honey processing can be risky for beginners and is usually undertaken only by well-funded, larger farms in Colombia. Eduin has a young, growing family sees differentiated specialty coffee as the way to provide with only a tiny piece of land. 

For Eduin, it was a risky bet that has paid off and allowed him to achieve specialty cup quality even with his limited on-farm infrastructure. In the short time since December 2017 Eduin has been experimenting and homing in on optimal protocols for honey and natural processing and has been earning nearly twice the Colombian commodity price for his coffee channelled to roasters in USA and Australia via Cedro Alto. Cedro Alto's aim is to continue driving up cup quality and teaching other young, small producers in the area to start dry processing and get as excited about them as Eduin is. 


Roaster's Thoughts

Citrus notes of this coffee, Olmedo Cebay, are so sparkling and vibrant in this coffee. Not only acidity of this coffee is great but also its clean cup is great so that the flavour clarity of the coffee becomes great.


How this coffee is roasted

To highlight its positive side, the coffee is roasted light.


Basic Information

  • Origin: Colombia
  • Region: Huila
  • Farm: Olmedo Cebay
  • Altitude: 1,730masl
  • Variety: Colombia, Typica
  • Process: Washed
  • Best Ageing Window: 16-23 days
  • Best as: Espresso, Pourover Filter


How to brew this coffee

  • Espresso: 20g dose, 42g beverage yield, 24s extraction time
  • Flavour Profile: lemon, toffee, plum, cacao
  • Milk: 23g dose, 40g beverage yield, 32s extraction time, 150g milk
  • Flavour Profile: vanilla, toffee, dark chocolate
  • Pourover Filter: 15g dose, 45g water + 30s blooming, 1m 45s extraction time, total 225g water
  • Brewing Method: Chanho-Tornado (Click here to see details of the brewing method)
  • Flavour Profile: lemon, lime, toffee, black tea, cacao


Flavour Spectrum