colombia single origin decaf coffee [Decaf] Colombia Piendamo (Espresso Roast) colombia single origin decaf coffee a latte on the wooden table
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[Decaf] Colombia Piendamo (Espresso Roast)

Some people often treat decaffeinated coffee like something wrong. But, there is nothing wrong with the decaf coffee! Especially, the Normcore decaf coffee is also a #DamnGoodCoffee like other coffees.
Our decaf coffee is a washed processed castillo & colombia varietals from Piendamo, at an altitude of 1,750 meters above sea level. It's well managed, controlled, and roasted in order to provide you a great flavour profile of caramel, almond, and dark chocolate.
Recommended Brew Method: Decaf milk-based, decaf espresso
  • Espresso Recipe: 20g:36-38g, 17-20 seconds, 94℃ Water Temperature
  • Milk-based Recipe: 22g:38-40g, 26-29 seconds, 94℃ Water Temperature
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