normcore coffee subscription normcore highway jammin blend an espresso on the wooden table Highway Jammin' Blend Subscription - 4 Times

Highway Jammin' Blend Subscription - 4 Times

The Highway Jammin' medium roast blend is made with the concept of fruitiness and balanced cup quality. Not only delicious plum, grape and lime are shining there but also jammy texture lingers in your mouth. It's just perfect as an espresso and filter. Also, rich milk-based coffee could be a great option. This is a new interpretation of what fruity coffee is like. Hope you guys enjoy the coffee!
Recommended Brew Method: Espresso, Pourover Filter
  • Filter Recipe: Hario V60, 20g dose, Medium Grind Size(12/20), 280g of Water(90℃), 1:45 Brewing Time
  • Espresso Recipe: 20g:40-42g, 22-25 seconds, 94℃ Water Temperature
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