Background Story

Jorge Lanza was raised by his grandmother Doña Secundina and she provided all he needed to study Accounting. This farmer who dedicated his life to numbers working with several companies, one day decided to buy 30 acres of land in Santa Barbara, Quimistan in 1990 as his first step as coffee farmer with “Finca El Amigo”, producing high grown coffee and simultaneously working as independent accountant.

After nine years after as coffee producer he became General Manager of the National Association of Coffee Growers ANACAFEH.

"I worked travelling all through Honduras organizing ANACAFEH, helping producers with technical, financial and social assistance. I held that position for 10 years. During this time I visited farms from other departments and became interested in growing specialty coffee and with the personal goal of start producing specialty coffees and win COE in Honduras.”

Four years ago he decided to invest in specialty coffee in the lands of El Cielito, on his farm "La Huerta", without abandoning the Quimistan farm.

"I wanted better yields and bought the farm with a height from 1,500 to 1,800 meters above sea level"

The process included not only buying the land but also improving conditions through better cultivation and management. And in the second harvest of La Huerta, Jorge Lanza won Honduras COE of 2013 with a record score of 92.75! This farm has a unique micro weather, spectacular quality of soil and water and has great conditions for specialty coffees.



Roaster's Thoughts

Washed catuai from the farm, La Huerta, is a rounded and well-balanced coffee that gives a pleasant coffee experience as espresso. 


How this coffee is roasted

This coffee is light roasted but slightly more developed to enhance its sweetness and mouthfeel. 


Basic Information

  • Origin: Honduras
  • Region: Santa Barbara Mountain
  • Farm: La Huerta
  • Altitude: 1,550masl
  • Variety: Catuai
  • Process: Washed
  • Best Ageing Window: 14-21 days
  • Best as: Espresso, Pourover Filter


How to brew this coffee

  • Espresso: 20g dose, 43g beverage yield, 25s extraction time
  • Flavour Profile: Lemon, caramel, plum
  • Milk: 23g dose, 42g beverage yield, 35s extraction time, 150g milk
  • Flavour Profile: Honey, caramel, vanilla
  • Pourover Filter: 15g dose, 45g water + 30s blooming, 2m 00s extraction time, total 225g water
  • Brewing Method: Chanho-Tornado (Click here to see details of the brewing method)
  • Flavour Profile: Lemon, honey, caramel, plum


Flavour Spectrum