Normcore Coffee Academy is a professional coffee education centre for those who want to learn about coffee, home barista, barista skills, professional traning such as barista competition, etc.
Course Details
Barista Course - 1 Day
Basic Barista Course
Basic Latte Art Course
Filter Brewing Course - 1 Day
Basic Filter Brewing Course
Professional Training
Who is running the courses?
Kevin Lee
- General Manager of Normcore Coffee
- 2019 Central Regional Brewers Cup 4th Place
- 2019 Australian Brewers Cup Top 12 - 6th Place
- 2018 Australian Coffee In Good Spirits 5th Place
Chanho Hong - Professional Training
- 2019 Central Regional Brewers Cup 3rd Place
- 2018 Central Regional Brewers Cup Champion
- 2018 Australian Coffee In Good Spirits 3rd Place
- 2017 Australian Brewers Cup National 3rd Place
- 2017 Central Regional Brewers Cup 2nd Place
- 2017 Australian Golden Bean Award Two Silver Medals for Single Origin Espresso and Pour Over Filter
- 2016 Australian Golden Bean Award Bronze Medal for Single Origin Espresso
- 2015 NSW Barista Championship 3rd Place
- 2015 Australian Golden Bean Award Silver Medal for Espresso Blend
- 2014 Korean National Brewers Cup 3rd Place
- SCA(Specialty Coffee Association) Certified Barista/Brewing Professional
Schedule Arrangement
Once order is completed, the lecturer will contact you via email or sms regarding confirming the schedule within 1-2 business days.
Refund Policy
Refunds are only accepted with approval from Normcore coffee 3 days prior to the scheduled date. Nomrcore Coffee will also accept refunds in accordance with NSW and Australian law.