Quality Report - Colombia Santa Monica Chilli Bourbon Natural


About This Coffee

This micro-lot is made up of 100% Chilli Bourbon, a rare varietal that originated in Acevedo, Huila.

This coffee was grown by Jairo Arcila at Santa Mónica farm. It underwent a 24-hour dry aerobic fermentation before being placed in Grainpro bags for 50 hours at a temperature below 22ºC. Then, the whole cherries were placed on raised beds until the moisture content reached 11%.

Farm Information

Origin: Colombia
Region: Armenia Quindio, Huila
Farm/Coop/Mill: Santa Monica
Producer: Jairo Arcila
Variety: Chilli Bourbon
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1450 - 1500masl
Sourcing Partner: Cofinet


Quality Report: (86.5/100)

Roast Level: Light
Aroma(8/10): Spice, raisin, panela sugar 
Sweetness(8/10): Panela sugar-like sweetness
Flavour(8/10): Blackberry, liquorice, brown spice, molasses, raisin 
Aftertaste(8/10): Molasses, mint
Acidity(8/10): Medium, citric acidity like blackberry
Mouthfeel/Body(8.5/10): Juicy mouthfeel and medium-heavy body
Balance & Overall(8/10): We believe this is a coffee you've never had before. It's different. Or if you have tried Eucalyptus processed coffee, it's similar. It's juicy and sweet coffee, full of spice notes, especially the liquorice (or mint). Recommend it to people who like mint chocolate ice cream :p

Brew Methods