Quality Report - Costa Rica La Toboba Caturra & Catuai Natural

About This Coffee

La Toboba Farm has an area of 8 hectares and was inherited from Senel’s grandmother to his father (also named Senel). The farm was named after a species of snake that is abundant on the farm called Toboba - a non-threatening snake commonly found during every harvest. When spotted they are always relocated to the forest located adjacent to the farm.

The first coffee trees were planted in 1968 and the earnings from coffee production were able to maintain the family's upkeep. It has since expanded to grow several different varietals and is sectioned according to their varietals. These include the following: Obata, Marselleza, Red Catuaí, Villa Sarchí, Sarchimor T5296, Catigua MG2, Hibrido H3, Etíope 47, Etíope PL 122, Etíope 61, San Roque, Geisha, Mezcla de SL28, SL14, SL34.

In 2016 La Toboba built its own micro-mill where cherries are taken to be processed immediately after they are picked. The cherries are then rinsed with clean water and go through a floater separation tank to separate unripe cherries from the lot.

African beds are used to dry the coffee parchment for 3 to 5 days depending on the intensity of the sun. The cherries are raked and churned several times a day to ensure the parchment is evenly dried. The coffee is then taken to a greenhouse where it is piled up and moved every 6 hours, then piled up again to slowly dry it to a moisture level between 9-11%. This process can take up to 35 days. After drying it rests for 2 – 3 months before it is dry-milled and sorted.

Farm Information

  • Origin: Costa Rica
  • Region: Chirripo-Brunca
  • Farm/Coop/Mill: La Toboba
  • Producer: Senel Campos Valverde
  • Variety: Caturra & Catuai
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1450 - 1850masl
  • Harvest: December - February
  • Sourcing Partner: Langdon Coffee Merchants
  • Quality Score: 86

Roast Level: 


Flavour Profile

  • Aroma: Cherries and Cacao Nibs
  • Flavour: Mandarin, Strawberry, White Grape, Cherry, Milk Chocolate
  • Aftertaste: Milk Chocolate
  • Acidity: Mandarin
  • Body: Strawberries, White Grape and Cherries
  • Balance & Overall: Fruity and chocolaty coffee with a great medium body.

Recommended Brewing Parameters

  • Espresso: 20g In, 42g Out, 27 Seconds
  • Milk-based (150ml): 23g In, 44g Out, 30 Seconds, 150g Milk
  • Pourover Filter (Chanho-Tornado): 15g In, 225g Out, 2 Minute 00 Seconds (45G Bloom, 30 Seconds)