Quality Report - Orange Sugar Blend


About This Coffee

Orange Sugar Blend is our signature medium roast blend that is designed to express fruity characteristics along with delicious sugar-sweetness, whether it's black or white coffee. Not only its vibrant fruity flavours such as orange, apricot, and berries are delicious, but also its coconut sugar-like sweetness just lingers. This blend offers a great fruity experience as pour-over filter coffee and espresso. When it comes together with milk, it will give more mellow and soft sweet flavours.

This coffee is roasted with a medium profile to develop enough sweetness and light fruity characteristics.

Blend Information

Origin: Ethiopia Natural + Ethiopia Washed + Brazil Natural
Best Ageing Window: 18 - 25days
Best As: Pour-Over Filter, Espresso and Milk Coffee

Quality Report:

Roast Level: Medium
Aroma: Sweet Orange and Berries
Flavour: Orange, Apricot, Berries, Coconut Sugar
Aftertaste: Sweet Lingering Coconut Sugar
Acidity: Orange-like Citric Acidity
Mouthfeel/Body: Silky Mouthfeel and Light Body
Balance & Overall: High in Acidity and Sweetness Coffee

Brew Methods

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