Background Story

Hacienda La Esmeralda is a Peterson family owned farm, located in a highland in Boquete region of Panama. The farm is very well known for the top-notch quality, exotic, unique geisha coffees for years.

As their quality and unique flavour characteristics stand out and shine through the cup, there have been a huge number of people, baristas, roasters and barista competitors loving their coffee.

We also have been using their best geishas for years in order to offer and share with our customers what the best coffee is and how it tastes like. 


Roaster's Thoughts

This washed, Mario lot 31 is one of the most delicate & elegant Panamaian geisha coffee. Not like other coffees, this geisha has amazing floral note as well as clean, complex and balanced fruitiness in the cup. 


How this coffee is roasted

To enhance its delicate and elegant aromas and flavours, this coffee is extremely light roasted.


Basic Information

  • Origin: Panama
  • Region: Boquete
  • Farm: Jaramillo
  • Altitude: 1,650
  • Variety: Green Tip Geisha
  • Process: Washed
  • Best Ageing Window: 10-30 days
  • Best as: Pourover Filter


How to brew this coffee

  • Espresso: 19g dose, 46g beverage yield, 25s extraction time
  • Flavour Profile: Lavender, jasmine, orange, peach, white grape
  • Milk: 23g dose, 46g beverage yield, 35s extraction time, 150g milk
  • Flavour Profile: Earl grey sponge cake, milk chocolate
  • Pourover Filter: 15g dose, 45g water + 30s blooming, 1m 45s extraction time, total 225g water
  • Brewing Method: Chanho-Tornado (Click here to see details of the brewing method)
  • Flavour Profile: Lavender, jasmine, blood orange, blueberry, white peach, white grape


Flavour Spectrum