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The Roo Blend

The Roo blend is designed to express the delicious fruity flavours through the milk coffees. The combination of those natural coffees from Brazil and Ethiopia lifts up the sweet cherry and raisin flavours along with walnut, caramel and dark chocolate flavour that are developed from exclusive roasting profile for this coffee. You can definitely enjoy this blend as a milk coffee and a short espresso. And as this is a medium roasted, you can also brew this coffee as a pourover filter with a coarser grinding setting which will allow you a deep, sweet, rounded quality.
Recommended Brew Method: Milk-based
  • Filter Recipe: Hario V60, 16g dose, Medium-fine Grind Size(8/20), 240g of Water(94℃), 1:40 Brewing Time
  • Espresso Recipe: 20g:37-39g, 22-25 seconds, 94℃ Water Temperature
  • Milk-based Recipe: 22g:36-38g, 30-33 seconds, 94℃ Water Temperature
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