Coffee, Coffee and Coffee


We tailor the total solution based on strictly controlled quality, data, professional experience, and accurate analysis, which is to help our clients grow hence a great success.

Damn Good Blend

DG Blend is a very sweet, smooth and rich milk-based espresso blend with dark chocolate, vanilla malt milkshake, and dried plum flavours. The DG blend gives perfect milk coffees with full of flavours.

Cornerstone Blend

CS Blend is a very sweet and balanced espresso blend with grape, vanilla, malt, and chocolate notes. The CS blend gives a great balanced cup as both espresso and milk based coffee. Also, as a batch-brew or cold brew filter, it gives a high sweetness as well as a smooth and balanced texture.

Black Bomb Blend

BB Blend is an Italian style, dark roast espresso blend with dark chocolate, caramel heavy body, bittersweet aftertaste. The BB shows what good quality dark roast is like.

Single Origin

Coffee is a fruit. Every coffee has different characteristics, even coffees from the same farm. Normcore Coffee offers a number of different specialty single origin coffees in order to provide various flavour experiences.

Special Edition

Normcore Coffee has been working with the world’s best coffee farms in order to provide the best of the best coffee. These very rare, limited and only once in the season. 

Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda

Panama Hacienda Don Julian

Panama Morgan Estate

Colombia Cafe Granza La Esperanza

Ethiopia Gesha Village

Et cetera.

Capsule Coffee

Normcore Capsule Coffee(Nespresso Compatible) is made with exactly the same coffee that Normcore Coffee uses in the stores. There are DG Blend capsules for the milk coffee drinkers and single origin capsules for black coffee drinkers. You can enjoy the same champion-made quality coffee at your home or office.

OEM Contract Production

There are many businesses that have a desire to have their own brand products. Thus, Normcore Coffee does OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturing) contract production roasting. With a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in coffee, plus professional business backgrounds, Normcore Coffee offers you a perfect total solution.