Normcore Style Brewing Method - 'Chanho-Tornado'

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Normcore Style Brewing Method - 'Chanho-Tornado'

There have been a number of people who asked about how we brew our coffee and what the standard recipes are. So, in this article, how to do the 'CHANHO-TORNADO' method and why we do this will be discussed.

In 2014, this method was originated from the busy coffee bar where handled about 20kgs a day, and around 70 cups of filter coffees served. At that time, the biggest concern was how to serve that many filter coffees consistently, efficiently, and the best quality. After a number of tests and experiments, the Chanho-Tornado brew method was made. It was super simple, easy, and making a great quality brew over time.

For a few years of time, the method has constantly been evolving in order to enhance its strength hence brewing better coffee.


chanho tornado pourover filter coffee brewing method



Brew Ratio

Normally, it is recommended to use a 1:15 ~ 1:16 brew ratio. For example, if you use 20 grams of coffee, the total amount of water should be 300(15) ~ 320(16) grams. As the coffees that Normcore roasts are very light to a medium light roasted, and as the brew ratio decides the taste balance, the brew ratio should be in the range of 1:15~1:16. if it becomes less than 15, the acidity will be too high, and if it's more than 16, the intensity and body will be weak.


Grinding Size

Grinding size should be much finer than usual. As the coffees are lightly roasted, and as the water is poured at once, the grinding size should be fine. To give an approximate number, the grinding size when dosing 15g of coffee is 12o'clock on EK43, and 16 on Comandante grinder. By adjusting the size, it is able to control the tone of the acidity and the texture of the coffee.


Brewing Time

As pouring all the water at the same time, it is almost impossible to control the brewing time by itself. Instead of focusing on the brewing time, brew ratio and grinding size are much more focused on when brewing.


So, what's the standard recipe?

  • 16g of coffee

  • Grind at 12o'clock on EK43 or 16 on Comandante

  • 90~96 of water temperature

  • 32~48g of water for blooming

  • Agitate gently 8 times.

  • Wait until 25~60 seconds for blooming

  • Pour all the water up to 240 ~ 256g

  • Stir vigorously 8~12 times

  • Leave it to finish

If you want to watch the brewing in the video, CLICK HERE.

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