We are a coffee company that exists as a part of the community. Not only serving coffees is our job but also taking care of whatever we can do for the community is a significant role of us. We pursue 'Damn Good Coffee' all the time as we are coffee professionals as well as trustworthy people. 


We established in 2016 in Sydney, Australia by teaming up with two coffee professionals. Since then, we have been serving great quality coffees to our local customers, and as time goes by, it has been widely distributed across Australia as well as international market such as US, China, Hong Kong, UAE and South Korea.

Normcore is a compound word between ‘normal’ and ‘hardcore’. This reflects our will to serve coffees that the mass can enjoy, and manias who have very specific and unique taste.

As coffee professionals, we have been participating in many different type of coffee competitions and have won many trophies. This does not only mean that we did great job in the competition but also it represents that what we have been doing are able to be proved by other industry professionals regarding quality. 


We are kind of people who believe hard work pays off one day. Thus, we will keep moving forward.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision - 'Do right things’

Our vision is to be a great company that is responsible for our community and environment by doing right things hence contributing our society.


Our Mission - ‘Damn Good Coffee’

Our mission is not only serving good coffee but also the ‘Damn Good Coffee’ to all of you. From choosing the green bean, through the design of the roast profile, and brewing then to service, even buying coffee online, we carefully manage every single process to ensure the quality of our coffee is great, consistently.


As a native Australian animal that is considered an endangered/threatened species due to climate change, we have chosen the Platypus as our symbol to represent our values on the environment and society and its sustainability.


It also serves as a reminder to keep moving our business in the right direction for our local community and on a global scale as well. We are continuing to grow our business with a sustainable approach so that more people in our current and next generation can enjoy damn good coffee.


Let's do the right things!


2020 Normcore Online Store Open

2019 Export Beans to Hong Kong

2019 Export Beans to Korea

2019 Wynyard Store Open

2019 Roastery(Roasting Factory) Open

2018 Ashfield Store Open

2016 Coffee Academy Started

2016 Wholesales Started

2016 Town Hall Store Open

2016 Normcore Coffee Established


2019 Central Regional Brewers Cup 3rd Place

2018 Central Regional Brewers Cup Champion

2018 Central Regional Latte Art Championship 3rd Place

2018 Australian Coffee In Good Spirits 2nd, 3rd Place

2017 Australian Brewers Cup National 3rd Place

2017 Central Regional Latte Art Championship 3rd Place

2017 Central Regional Brewers Cup 2nd Place

2017 Australian Aeropress Championship 2nd Place

2017 Australian Golden Bean Award Two Silver Medals for Single Origin Espresso and Pour Over Filter

2016 Australian Golden Bean Award Bronze Medal for Single Origin Espresso

And many times placing in top 6



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