Quality Report - Colombia Las Flores Pink Bourbon Washed

About This Coffee

Edilberto Vergara's family has been growing coffee for three generations, with Edilberto cultivating coffee for over 40 years. His passion for coffee has been passed down from his father and grandfather, and now his children share the same interest. Edilberto's eldest son is even working alongside him to market their coffees.

One of Edilberto's best specialty productions is the Pink Bourbon Fully Washed lot. This coffee has a unique and exceptional taste profile that is highly sought after. Additionally, Pink Bourbon is known to have a higher disease resistance, making it a valuable crop for coffee growers like Edilberto.

Farm Information

Origin: Colombia
Region: Huila
Farm/Coop/Mill: Las Flores
Producer: Edilberto Vergara
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1800 - 2100masl
Sourcing Partner: Bennetts


Quality Report: (88/100)

Roast Level: Light
Aroma(8.5/10): Lavender, honey 
Sweetness(8/10): Honey-like sweetness
Flavour(8.5/10): Yuzu, lavender, bergamot, honey, black tea
Aftertaste(8/10): Medium-length, black tea-like finish
Acidity(8.5/10): Medium-high, citric sparkling acidity like lime and yuzu
Mouthfeel/Body(8/10): Creamy mouthfeel and medium-heavy body
Balance & Overall(8.5/10)A complex floral cup with crisp notes of lime, yuzu, lavender, and bergamot throughout. It has a sparkling lime acidity paired with a juicy and clean textured body

Brew Methods

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