Quality Report - Cornerstone Blend

About This Coffee

Cornerstone Blend was first made in 2019 to offer an alternative product to blend customers. As the Damn Good Blend was (and is still) dark roasted, there have been needs for lighter roasted blend coffee.

According to our research, we wanted to make a blend with a similar flavour profile to the Damn Good Coffee but just in a light roasting profile because the flavours of the Damn Good Blend were the most favourite ones by people.

So, we adjusted the blend components and ratio with the same flavour concept. We then designed a new medium roast profile for this coffee (Cornerstone Blend) to be used as a multi-functional blend (for black, milk, and even filter). So, the Cornerstone Blend is roasted at a little slower speed and at a medium temperature range. This results in sweet, rich and smooth quality.

Blend Information

Origin: Brazil Natural + Ethiopia Washed
Best Ageing Window: 18 - 25days
Best As: Espresso and Milk Coffee

Quality Report:

Roast Level: Medium
Aroma: Vanilla and Malt
Flavour: Grape, Vanilla, Malt, Dark Chocolate
Aftertaste: Clean Dark Chocolate Finish
Acidity: Subtle Grape-like Acidity
Mouthfeel/Body: Syrupy Mouthfeel and Medium Body
Balance & Overall: Well-balanced blend with plum-like sweetness coffee.

Brew Methods

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