Quality Report - Damn Good Blend

About This Coffee

Damn Good Blend was firstly made in 2018 by adjusting and upgrading Normcore Milk Blend. The first theme of this coffee was to design a great milk coffee that can give an impression of 'Oh, it's Damn Good!' We researched so many different blend coffees from others, we tested many different beans, roasting profiles, extraction styles for months in order to find out what would be working. On top of that, we did surveys with our retail customers and wholesale clients. Then, finally, we found their wants and needs, and this was a blend that is heavy, chocolaty, sweet, rich and rounded hence the coffee flavour can cut through milk.

To develop 'Damn Good' quality of flavour and impression, we decided to roast the Damn Good Blend with a dark roasting profile. First of all, dark roasting can boost its heavy body as well as a dark chocolate note. Also, by controlling each section of roasting stages, the Damn Good Blend has approximately 20% more volume expansion which will increase extraction yield. Ultimately, this will help our customers extract better quality coffee. 

Farm Information

  • Origin: Brazil Natural + Ethiopia Washed + India Natural
  • Best Ageing Window: 18-25 Days
  • Best As: Milk Coffee

Roast Level: 


Flavour Profile

  • Aroma: Caramel and Dark Chocolates
  • Flavour: Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Malt Shake, Dried Plum
  • Aftertaste: Dark Chocolate
  • Acidity: Very subtle Dried Plum like Acidity
  • Body: Heavy Body (Vanilla Malt Shake-like with Milk)
  • Balance & Overall: Overall Smooth and Rich Mouthfeel

Recommended Brewing Parameters

  • Espresso: 18g In, 26g Out, 18 Seconds
  • Milk-based (150ml): 22g In, 24g Out, 36 Seconds, 150g Milk
  • Pourover Filter (Chanho-Tornado): 20g In, 240g Out, 1 Minute 30 Seconds (60G Bloom, 30 Seconds)