Quality Report - Damn Good Blend

About This Coffee

The Damn Good Blend was launched in 2018. it's sold in hundreds of cups daily at Normcore stores and is the top-selling product in retail and wholesale.

In 2018, As a three-year-old Normcore, we wanted to create a blend with Normcore Style that everyone would love. We began by analysing coffee products from major Australian companies, renowned local cafes, and coffees from the United States, Europe, and Asia. We collected feedback from our customers and gathered insights from baristas. The flavour we ultimately arrived at was a coffee-flavoured coffee(it sounds funny, though), a taste that anyone could recognise as coffee. It was a coffee that could cut through when mixed with milk, surpassing the taste of the milk itself.

At a time when light-roasted coffee was trending, we decided to roast our blend much darker. We went as far as developing the roast until the second crack, which was hard to imagine in the specialty coffee scene. In a market dominated by Arabica coffees, we chose Indian robusta, which could give our blend a strong kick. Our extraction method also differed significantly from conventional methods. Instead of the 1:2 or 1:3 ratio used for espresso extraction, we created a 1:1 ratio extraction method.

When the prototype was ready, a customer exclaimed, "Wow, it's damn fine coffee," referencing a line from Twin Peaks. That's how we decided to call this coffee the damn good blend. And the results were successful. The Damn Good Blend became the best-selling blend at Normcore.

Coffee is an agricultural product. This year's coffee will not be the same as next year's. There are also various environmental factors involved in roasting and extraction. That's why our efforts are endless. And this became our mission for damn good coffee. We will continue to manage every process to ensure damn good quality.

Blend Information

Origin: Brazil Natural + Ethiopia Washed + India Natural
Best Ageing Window: 18 - 25days
Best As: Milk Coffee

Quality Report:

Roast Level: Dark
Aroma: Caramel and Dark Chocolate
Flavour: Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Malt Shake, Dried Plum
Aftertaste: Dark Chocolate
Acidity: Subtle Dried Plum like Acidity
Mouthfeel/Body: Creamy Mouthfeel and Heavy Body
Balance & Overall: Smooth and Rich Flavour coffee.

Basic Recipe 

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