Quality Report - El Salvador Finca Buena Vista Pacas Washed

About This Coffee

Orlando Aguilar comes from a coffee producing family, which has developed traditions in El Salvador. As a producer himself, he has focused on specialty coffee by working with strong varieties in an ideal climate with good, fertile soil. The harvest at Buena Vista farm is done selectively and by hand. After harvest, the coffee is fermented in sacks for 9–12 hours before being depulped, washed, and dried on raised beds for 10–13 days.

Farm Information

  • Origin: El Salvador
  • Region: Chalatenango
  • Farm/Coop/Mill: Finca Buena Vista
  • Producer: Orlando Aguilar
  • Variety: Pacas
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1300masl
  • Harvest: December - March
  • Sourcing Partner: Cafe Imports
  • Quality Score: 86

Roast Level: 


Flavour Profile

  • Aroma: Nougat and Black Tea
  • Flavour: Green Apple, Caramel, Dates, Black Tea
  • Aftertaste: Black Tea
  • Acidity: Green Apple
  • Body: Caramel and Dates
  • Balance & Overall: Quite a floral coffee with green apple-like acidity, caramel and date sweetness with a lingering black tea finish

Recommended Brewing Parameters

  • Espresso: 20g In, 42g Out, 27 Seconds
  • Milk-based (150ml): 23g In, 44g Out, 30 Seconds, 150g Milk
  • Pourover Filter (Chanho-Tornado): 15g In, 225g Out, 2 Minute 00 Seconds (45G Bloom, 30 Seconds)