Quality Report - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido Natural

About This Coffee

The more Ethiopian farms and washing stations Project Origin visited, the more they came to realise the signature Ethiopian look was a signature for a reason – they all possessed elements of the same things: rainbow colours across the land, rainbow of colours of the coffee cherries, multiples of rows of raised drying beds, and lush mountainous hills featuring hundreds of varieties of wild grown coffee trees.

At the Idido washing station there are long stacks of raised drying beds made from bamboo, covered in plastic, mesh and wire to support the green beans as they dry in the sun. Hand woven baskets speckle the area and groups of people work their way around each bed, hand sorting and turning the coffee. Teams of 10-20 people each day come in from the local town to respond to a call for work during the harvest season from October – February.

Farm Information

  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Region: Yirgacheffe
  • Farm/Coop/Mill: Idido 
  • Producer: Various Small Producers
  • Variety: Heirloom
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1960 - 2090masl
  • Harvest: October - February
  • Sourcing Partner: Project Origin
  • Quality Score: 87

Roast Level: 


Flavour Profile

  • Aroma: White Florals and Stone-fruits
  • Flavour: Orange, Peach, Cacao Nibs, Milk Chocolate
  • Aftertaste: Clean Short Milk Chocolate Finish
  • Acidity: Crips Orange-like acidity
  • Body: Sweet Peaches and Cacao Nibs
  • Balance & Overall: A typical natural Ethiopian coffee but a bit more chocolaty and heavier in body than usual

Recommended Brewing Parameters

  • Espresso: 20g In, 40g Out, 27 Seconds
  • Milk-based (150ml): 23g In, 40g Out, 30 Seconds, 150g Milk
  • Pourover Filter (Chanho-Tornado): 15g In, 225g Out, 2 Minute 00 Seconds (45G Bloom, 30 Seconds)