Quality Report - Ipanema Premier Cru Alma di Monti C38 Wine Natural


About This Coffee

Since 2018, Ipanema has introduced the Premier Cru range - a selection of small-batch, handcrafted coffees from the highest altitudes of Rio Verde, their oldest farm. These coffees are nitrogen-flushed vacuum-packed in 20kg cartons to stabilise them and maintain their exceptional quality, which pushes the boundaries of specialty coffee in Brazil. Rio Verde, a farm of 1,566 hectares, has over 260 hectares of land that rises over 1,000 metres and is divided into 32 plots, each with different altitudes, sun faces, soil composition and a single varietal. The Premier Cru range is carefully harvested from these plots. Each year, a new collection with a unique name is released. The micro lots are categorised into one of three edition groups, Black, Gold and Blue, based on their taste complexity and rarity. The final name of each coffee reflects the year's brand, the plot from which it was harvested and the dominant cupping note.

This Wild Fermented Yellow Catuai presents a viscous body, tartaric acidity, sweetness, clean and prolonged aftertaste. Its cup profile brings out notes of Winey.

Farm Information

Origin: Brazil
Region: Serra da Mantiqueira
Farm/Coop/Mill: Fazenda Rio Verde
Producer: Rigoberto and Luis Eduardo Herrera
Variety: Yellow Catuai
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1000 - 1350masl
Sourcing Partner: Bennetts


Quality Report: (87/100)

Roast Level: Light
Aroma(8/10): Plum, subtle cinnamon
Sweetness(8/10): Plum-like sweetness
Flavour(8/10): Plum, grapefruit, red grape, mulled wine, dark chocolate
Aftertaste(8/10): Medium-length, plum and dark chocolate finish
Acidity(8.5/10): Medium-high, tartaric acidity like red grape
Mouthfeel/Body(8.5/10): Round mouthfeel and medium body
Balance & Overall(8/10): Well-balanced, mulled wine-like coffee with delicate plum, grapefruit notes. Not a typical brazil coffee. So fruity!

Brew Methods

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