Use Damn Good coffee for your cafe/coffee shop

Since 2016, we have been serving Damn Good Coffee not only to our retail customers but supplying to a number of coffee shops in Australia. To satisfy more people all over Australia, we open our gate for those who want to use our coffee at your cafe/coffee shop, even your office.

About Normcore Coffee

Getting the right Damn Good Coffee is essential for your success. So, we are here to help you grow your business. We have 10+ years of experience in coffee roasting as well as management, which enables us to control various blends and single origin coffees on the same quality maintained. Also, as we have been offering various customised choices that our customers want, it is possible for you to get the exact coffee you need whether it is our products or newly customised products.

The Value Of Specialty Coffee - Traceability

For the specialty coffee industry, traceability is one of the most important values. It is not only to transparently provide the information of the coffees but also to ensure the quality of coffees we use is maintained from the farm level through to green bean imports, then to us, roasters.

Also, it is very important to co-work with other professional green coffee traders. This is because sourcing green coffee requires a tremendous amount of experience and technic. Therefore, we have been working together with the best Australian green coffee traders such as Langdon, HA Bennetts, Project Origin, Cofinet and more.

For some top-notch coffees, we directly import from the farms as the relationship between them and us have been long. This allows us, firstly, the best quality, and secondly, long-term relationship helps each other in order to supply and serve consistently damn good coffee.

Not Just Supply But Also Training

If we are to only supply the beans, it would not be enough. Thus, we offer training to improve baristas’ skills hence business performance. The training is suitable for busy cafes to maintain the quality and consistency of the coffee. In addition, we are open to helping you regarding improving various elements in business such as workflow, efficiency, service, operations, business model, accounting and more.

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