Colombia La Esperanza Caturra Washed

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Sweet and creamy, with soft acidity and a balanced finish. Honey, almond nougat and mandarin.

This coffee lot was harvested by hand, with most of the labour being provided by William and his family. During the peak harvest season, the family hires local labourers to help pick the coffee cherry. These labourers are paid per kilogram or on a daily rate when there isn't much coffee to harvest. William prefers to work with the same pickers every year, as he has taught them how to select only the ripest cherry for processing. To ensure the pickers come and work for him, he pays them a 10%-15% premium on the local daily rate and provides them with three meals a day.

The coffee cherry was then processed using the washed method at La Esperanza's 'micro-beneficio' (wet mill). The coffee was pulped using a small electric pulper and then placed into a fermentation tank. Due to the cooler climate in China Alta, producers like William tend to ferment the coffee for longer than usual. They often blend several days' worth of pickings over a 2-3 day period. Every day, freshly picked cherry is pulped and added to the mix, which lowers the pH level and allows for an extended fermentation process along with cooler temperatures. This fermentation process contributes to a vibrant, winey acidity in the coffee's cup profile.

A. We do our production roasting on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (except public holidays), and roasted coffees are stored in the warehouse for a few days for the dispatch of orders. 

B. All the coffees are sent from the stock(warehouse) unless it requires a specific roasting date. Thus, the coffees you will receive will be between 2 and 7 days after the roasting. 

C. If a specific roasting date is requested, it might take a little longer (1-2 days) to get delivered.

D. All orders are dispatched on the next day (except public holidays). 

Returns are only accepted with prior approval from Normcore Coffee where a return authority number will be issued and must be with 14 days of invoice as this coffee is a fresh product. A 15% restocking fee applies and the item must be unused and the packaging in new condition.

Coffee Beans: should be undamaged, the bag should not be opened, should be stored as whole bean condition(ground bean is not accepted).

Equipment: should be undamaged, the package should not be opened.Normcore Coffee will also accept returns in accordance with New South Wales and Australian law. 


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We roast our single-origin coffees as lightly as possible. It's often lighter than the standard light-roast profile (Our development time ratio is 8-10%, while a typical light roast's ratio is around 13-16%).

Regardless of its origin, varietal or process, our approach is to maximise the flavour profile of the coffee by minimising flavours caused by roasting. Our single-origin coffees have a delightful silky texture and well-balanced taste, despite being lightly roasted.

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