Ethiopia Addisu Hulichaye Natural

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Distinct tropical acidity, with white chocolate sweetness and a tea-like body. Finger lime, green grape and honeysuckle.

This coffee is the product of Addisu Hulichaye's hard work on his 8-hectare farm called Gololcha. The farm is situated near the Kochere administrative district in the Gedeo political zone of Ethiopia's Southern Nationalities, Nations, and People's Region. The coffee is grown by Addisu and his family, who privately own and operate the farm.

The farm is positioned at a remarkably high elevation at an altitude of 2,092 meters above sea level. The cool climate of the region, combined with the high altitude, slows the coffee cherries' ripening process, resulting in denser beans and a sweeter, more complex cup profile. Addisu cultivates coffee as the primary cash crop, along with other food crops such as corn, grain, and bananas. The coffee grows under the shade of Birbira, Wanza, and Acacia trees, intercropped amongst native forests. Like many Ethiopian smallholder farmers, Addisu uses organic farming practices that rely heavily on manual labour from him and his family.


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We roast our single-origin coffees as lightly as possible. It's often lighter than the standard light-roast profile (Our development time ratio is 8-10%, while a typical light roast's ratio is around 13-16%).

Regardless of its origin, varietal or process, our approach is to maximise the flavour profile of the coffee by minimising flavours caused by roasting. Our single-origin coffees have a delightful silky texture and well-balanced taste, despite being lightly roasted.

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