Hario Pegasus Dripper

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This is a trapezoid-shaped flat-bottom coffee dripper designed for pourover beginners, featuring two small drip holes and spiral ribs. A measurement scale for coffee amount is incorporated into the dripper for ease of adding the right amount of coffee. The spiral ribs and two small holes are designed to help the coffee expand and consistency of your brews.

Furthermore, the dripper has been designed to fit on most personal bottles or cups for convenient dripping, with two view holes at the dripper base to check the amount of brewed coffee while brewing.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Jeremy Ow
    Great Value

    Fun new toy for filter enthusiasts! I personally found this to produce cups that are similar if not sweeter and more full bodied than the v60.

    Also found this to be easier to produce more consistent cups compared to the v60, I suspect pouring technique doesn't affect the cup as much and thus less clogging occurs. I got quicker drawdown times with this than the Tetsu Kasuya v60 (which I usually use).

    For $15 (or less if there's a sale), it's honestly worth a go!

    It goes really well with fruitier coffees (tried with washed Kenyan, Ethiopian washed and natural, and Colombian Natural/Anaerobic naturals).

    Great tool, Easy brewing!

    It's Hario's first flat-bottom dripper. It looks similar to the Kalit 101 dripper but has a rib-like V60 and 2 holes on the bottom. Pretty sure it fits the Mocca master filter (Clever Dripper filter or Kalita 101 filter). Compared to V60, its flow is slower, bringing more body and sweetness. I can't tell if this dripper is better than the usual V60, but this dripper works pretty well with our light roast coffee and especially natural coffee (makes more fruitier). I highly recommend this product for its price and value!