Peru La Mandarina Yellow Caturra Washed

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Irene Herrera Cabrera is a proud female producer and the owner of La Mandarina farm, located in the San Ignacio region, Copia district, in Chorro Blanco village. Coffee is the primary source of her income, along with growing limes and guava. The farm has a variety of coffee types, including 30% Catimor, 30% Caturra, 10% Pache, and 30% Bourbon. The farm is 30% shaded, and organic fertilization is carried out using phosphoric rocks, guano, and coffee pulp. The typical harvest period runs from May to September.

For this lot, the cherry is mechanically pulped and then dry/wet fermented for about 24 hours in plastic tanks. After that, it is washed and dried in a solar dryer. All wastewater and mucilage are placed in a deposit in the ground. Raised pallets are used to avoid contact of parchment coffee with the floor.

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We roast our single-origin coffees as lightly as possible. It's often lighter than the standard light-roast profile (Our development time ratio is 8-10%, while a typical light roast's ratio is around 13-16%).

Regardless of its origin, varietal or process, our approach is to maximise the flavour profile of the coffee by minimising flavours caused by roasting. Our single-origin coffees have a delightful silky texture and well-balanced taste, despite being lightly roasted.