Coffee selection guide - How to choose your favourite blend

Coffee selection guide - How to choose your favourite blend

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Why we are creating blends?

Coffee roasters have been creating their own blends according to what they believe for their coffee to taste like. There are millions of different blends as there are millions of tastes of the roasters. Their taste could be chocolaty, heavy, fruity, citrusy, nutty, and more. And roasters try to develop their blended coffee in order to express the flavour profile they want and to offer what they believe to their customers.

As there are various needs and wants of our customers, we have created 4 signature blends so far in order to offer great tastes to them. This is not only to offer what we want to make but also we have done many interviews and surveys and have experimented with different types to understand what our customers exactly want. This is where the blend development project has begun. 

How do we differ the characteristics of our blend?

To begin, we differentiated the key factors of our blends which are roasting degree and flavour characteristics. For the roasting degree, we have segmented medium-light, medium, medium-dark and dark. And for the flavour characteristics, we have chocolaty, fruity, mild, intense, and balanced. Then, we started to fill in each segment. In addition to it, through the researches and experiments we have done, we have found there are 3 major combinations which are 1) dark, chocolaty & intense, 2) medium, chocolaty & mild, and 3) light, fruity & balanced.

Since then, we have tested a number of different recipes, blending components, ingredients, etc. in order to develop blend products to suit those 3 targets.


So, what blends have we made?

Damn Good Blend

Damn Good Blend was the first product from the blend development project. It was created in 2018 by adjusting and fine-tuning the previous Normcore Milk Blend. Under the concept of offering a 'Damn Good' impression with the first sip of the coffee, we matched the target of 'dark, chocolaty & intense'. Of course, we considered ingredients, ratio, roasting profile, aging, etc., however, the main focus on this blend has always been Damn Good-ness. Not just giving great cup quality is essential for this blend but also an allowance of easily detectable Damn Good-ness is a game-changer. Especially, as a milk-based coffee, Damn Good Blend gives you a sensationally Damn Good experience.

Best for: those who want heavy, chocolaty & intense milk-based coffee, and who want Italian style bitter-sweet heavy espresso.

Go to Damn Good Blend


Cornerstone Blend

Cornerstone Blend was the second product of the project. The basic concept of the blend was to create a similar flavour profile product to the Damn Good Blend, however, it had to be medium roasted and milder sensation as there were needs of our customers who wanted to use only 1 blend to make both black coffees and white coffees. Therefore, we changed the components and the ratio in order to keep the flavour note the same but to suit for multi-purposes.

Best for: those who drink coffee as black and white both, and who like mild and balanced coffee.

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Orange Sugar Blend

Orange Sugar Blend was designed to offer a fruity, light, refreshing & balanced profile to customers who want juicy, bright acidity along with great cup quality. Simply, its flavour profile matches its name as it tastes like orange, apricot, berries, and coconut sugar. As this blend is lighter than the others, (although it says it is a medium roast, it is slightly less developed than the other mediums), Orange Sugar Blend is absolutely great as black coffees such as espresso and long black, also, is fantastic as a pour-over filter brewing coffee.Best for: those who want fruity and bright coffees.

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Golden Dingo Blend

Golden Dingo was created to offer an alternative for people who want heavy & bitter-sweet coffees. Although there are many people who love this Italian dark roast style, there are not many roasters doing this. So, we have made a neoclassical Italian style that enhances clean cup and balance while keeping its heaviness and bitter-sweetness.

Best for: those who want heavy, chocolaty, and bitter-sweet espressos and milk-based coffees.

Go To Golden Dingo Blend


So, how do you choose your favourite blend?

1. Know your preference

You should know which flavours you like. For example, it could be chocolaty, fruity, nutty, etc.

2. How intense do you want

You may like intense coffees or mild coffees. Choose the intensity of the coffee.

3. Give a trial

Get a bag of coffee to see if that suits your taste. Visit here.

4. Ask professionals

If that works, congrats! If not, ask one of our coffee professionals to adjust it.

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